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Wild West Bass Trail (cont.)

Well it seems as though all of my post didn’t make so here’s the rest…I don’t normally guide on Lake Shasta but since I’m going to be up there this week or anytime for that matter I’d be happy to take someone out if you’d like to check out this beautiful lake. The fishing is really good now and there are some absolute giant spotted bass just waiting to try to jerk the rod out of your hand. When one of these fish grab your lure, hang on! Also the scenery is incredible with bald eagles everywhere. So if you are tired of Clear Lake and Lake Berryessa hit me up and let’s hit Shasta county!


Wild West Bass Trail at Shasta

As bad as I hate to leave Lake and Napa counties, it’s time to head to Lake Shasta for the WWBT pro/am tournament. I am looking forward to that tourney though as it have done well there the last couple years. This year I’m going to add the floating fly to my arsenal. Past years my top techinics have been senkos, tubes, swimbaits, and the A-rig. After that it’s back to Clear Lake to prepare to the Leukemia fundraiser tournament along with a couple trips to Lake Berryessa. The 2018 season is underway…