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Cold Front Blues

This time of the year fishing can go from 0 to 100 over night…or vise versa! This week for example I caught 2 fish on Monday. Then on Tuesday with a client we caught 30 plus bass up to 5.5 pounds followed by a 1 fish day on Wednesday. All three days we fished the same areas of the lake. This was on Clear Lake where we have shallow water with largemouth bass. Lake Berryessa on the other hand has much deeper water with largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass and the fish aren’t as affected by the cold weather. Both lakes are on the verge of pre spawn so the fish are in the areas that lead to spawning areas. With all that being said this is the time of the year to catch a true giant so if your will to take a chance with the weather give me a call and let’s get you a trophy bass!


Clear Lake…Up and Down

Wow! Talking about some confused fish! The weather here has been anything but normal for this time of the year. Last week we had temps in the 80s and the fish were moving up to spawn, this week we have temps in the 60s and the water temp has dropped 6 to 8 degrees. Where did the fish go? Also the moon phase has been less than ideal so the fishing hasn’t been that great. All that being said I had a trip yesterday with a great couple and they managed to catch some really nice bass up to 6 pounds plus a 16 pound catfish.
This week we also started out Wednesday Nite Shoot Outs (WNS) and I caught a 6.9 pounder that got me second place. Torey won with a 7.92 pounder. The average bass was almost 6 pounds. Not bad for a confusing week! The forcast for the next couple weeks looks pretty stable so the bass will be back in the shallows in a couple days so if you up for some of the years best bassin call me!


Spawn and Post Spawn

There are still lots of bass on beds here at Clear Lake, but most of the fish spawned over the last couple weeks. The next couple of weeks the focus will be on the post spawn fish. That means throwing Senkos and swim baits around dock and other post spawn areas. This week I had 3 trips that had clients catching 30 to 40 fish a day on beds mostly using Senkos, swimbaits, jigs, and tubes. Yesterday I had a old client and a friend of his and they caught fish using minnows until they used all four dozen in about 3 hours. Then they started bed fishing and caught another 15 or so bass. Well if you want to get in on the last of the bed fishing here give me a call and lets schedule your trip soon or it will be over and I know you don’t want to have to wait until next year to see these big fish setting in their beds….and feel them pulling on your line!


Warming Weather Equals Warming Water Equals Big Bed Fish

It looks like summer has arrived at Clear Lake. High temps and calm wind; great weather for bed fishing. Time to break out the Dobyns flipping sticks and bed fishing baits and hit the shores of this beautiful lake. My boat is down for a while, but I have a great friend who is willing to let me use his 21 foot Triton for the next couple of weeks so I won’t miss a beat. Thank You Bob (Crabman) Transano. My lures of choice for bed fishing are Senkos, jigs, trash fish, tubes, and crawfish imitating baits. Some fisherman are against bed fishing but I know that if the bass are caught from a bed and released they will go right back to the bed and do their thing. As long as you take care of them they will spawn again year after year. They will also get smarter each time they are caught so they are harder to catch by the meat hunters that take advantage of bed fish and take them out of the lake for dinner. I’m not against eating bass occasionally but taking them off beds to eat them is killing way to many fish at one time. Well now you know where I stand on the subject of bed fishing, so if you want a chance to catch a really big bass and you are willing to release her to do it again call me and lets book your trip of a life time.