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Bass Biting at Clear Lake

The Minn Kota Ultrex is mounted and it is awesome! I got to go out on Clear Lake a couple times over the last few days and while the bite isn’t great, it is much better than it has been. Each day we caught at least 15 bass with a big fish over 7 pounds each day. Lake Berryessa is also turning on. My partner and I caught around 25 bass in a tournament there weekend before last with the best 5 weighing almost 18 pounds. Februray can be a great month at both lakes so if you want some great prespawn fishing it’s time to book your trip!


High North Wind Slow Clear Lake Bite

We have had supper high winds at Clear Lake this week and the bass here don’t like cold north wind! Even with the wind Clear Lake is still better than most. I had clients catch fish up to 9 pounds and I caught a 9.5 pounder. They are still eating rip and jerk baits, Lucky Craft LV500 and other lipless crank baits, Little Creepers Trash Fish and other swim baits including glide baits. Lake Berryessa is also kicking out some giant bass like the 14 pounder caught by a team in the American Bass Ass. tournament Saturday. Back at Clear Lake the water temp is climbing to 65 in the day so the bite will change from prespawn to spawning bass really soon. So if you like looking at bed fish get ready it almost here!


Clear Lake is the Best Lake in the Country

That’s right, Clear Lake is the number one lake in the world right now!!! I have personally caught 8 fish over 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks with the best three weighing in at 11.54(in the Wild West Bass Trail tourney), 12 pounds 2 ounce, and 13 pounds 13 ounce. Also had a client last week catch a 10.2 pounder and 4 more over 8 pounds. These are not fish caught on minnow but lures. The better bass are being caught on lures with the bigger numbers of bass coming on minnows. I have also seen pictures of many many other bass over ten pounds in the last couple weeks. The best baits right now are rip baits, Lucky Craft LV500, A-rig, and swim baits. With the weather that’s coming this week the fish will be hitting the shores and spawning soon so if you are looking to get in on some of this prespawn fishing you better call ASAP!!! If bed fishing is your thing, then call me and let’s get a date set before my calendar fills.


Awesome Week on Clear Lake

This has been an incredible week. I have caught a 13 pound 13 ounce bass and a 12.2 pounder plus 3 more over 10 pounds. I’ve had a client, Randy catch a 10.2 pounder and several more over 8 pounds. His goal was to catch his personal best, a bass over 7 pounds…easily surpassed! Catching a 10 pound bass was on his bucket list…Checked that one off!!! Last year Clear Lake was ranked number 3 in the country…well it’s better this year. Has to be number one. What other lake can produce 3 fish over 11 pounds in a tournament and 8 over 10 pounds. Then turn around and have a tourney with 6 more over 10 the following week? I have personally caught 9 fish over 10 pounds this month with 2 of them coming in one tournament. It was the Wild West Bass Trail tournament which I caught a 11.54 pounder that was the second big fish of the tourney. We had 40.19 pounds total that landed us in 2nd place behind a 41.5 pound bag. We still have a few more week of prespawn fishing then it’s time to look at them on beds… Bed fishing!! If you want to get in on some of the best fishing on the best big bass lake in the world give me a call and let’s get you on the calendar.


Clear Lake is on Fire

What a great weekend!!! Saturday, Konocti Vista Casino hosted the 3rd Wild West Bass Trail tournament of the season at Clear Lake. My partner and I finished second with 40.19 pounds. We had a 11.54 pound kicker plus a 10.05 pound toad!!! We caught fish on the A-Rig, Lucky Craft LV500, And a couple different rip baits. The biggest bass came on a rip bait. Lake Berryessa was a little tougher Sunday but we managed to put together 17.5 pounds. The fish there came on spinner baits, chatter baits, and shallow crank baits. At Clear Lake the fish will be moving onto their beds really soon but we still have a small window to catch these giant bass while they are in the prespawn stage. This week and next are booked so if you want to get on some of Clear Lake’s best fishing give me a call!!


Lake Shasta Here We Come

Time to leave Clear Lake again as bad as I hate to. The fishing here is getting better everyday and I’m going to Lake Shasta to fish the Wild West Bass Trail…the first pro-am of the California region. They still need observers so if any one is interested in a good way to learn the lake this is the best opportunity ever! No cost to the observer! Plus you get to fish. I’ll be back at Clear Lake next week looking for some of the big bass that are starting to stage in the prespawn areas. It’s time to start throwing the big baits for these fish and I can’t wait. Also Lake Berryessa is starting to turn on so I’ll be there a couple days also. Well my calendar is starting to fill up so if you are looking to book a trip this spring give me a call ASAP!