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Possible Record Setting Weekend at the Konocti Vista Casino Bass Tournament

This weekend is the annual Konocti Vista Casino Bass Tournament and it looks like it’s going to be another slug feast. I was out yesterday and the fishing was awesome. The only problem is that the Clear Lake is fishing really small. There are a few key areas that are holding lots of big bass. And that’s where every one is fishing. With that being said this could be a record setting weekend. Sorry Mark but your record may fall…
All the fish I caught and everything I saw caught by other fisherman yesterday came on the A-Rig. And of course minnows. The bad news is that all the good spots are heavily pressured right now. The good news is that Monday the tournament will be over and these fisherman will be gone. Also more and more of the staging areas are going to open up and the fisherman will spread out somewhat. Im looking forward to the next couple week and the great fishing that is about to happen. If you are interested in a trip of a lifetime with a guide that is keeping up with what going on give me a call…


Lake Berryessa

I got a chance to fish Lake Berryessa yesterday with a friend from Napa. It was good to get away from Clear Lake for a day. The fishing wasn’t great but the weather played a role, as it was really windy so we limited to where we could fish. The cold north wind and high pressure are never the best fishing conditions. We did manage to catch a few good fish though. We caught small mouth up to 4 pounds and large mouth to 6 pounds. Tomorrow I’ll be back on Clear Lake and looking for some big large mouth bass. It’s time for the big girls to start staging. So if you are ready for some early season bassin and you’re looking for a guide that can get you on them give me a call and let’s set up a trip.


Minnows, LVs, and Alabama Rigs

I took one of my favorite clients fishing yesterday with a couple of his employees. It was a beautiful day and every one caught fish and had a great time. They caught several bass from 2.5 to 7 pounds. Most of the fish were caught on minnows but a few were caught on a Lucky Craft LV 500 which is a lipless crank bait. Also a couple of fish were caught on an Alabama Rig. The fishing is definitely get better so if you are ready to catch some of beautiful Clear Lake’s giant bass, give me a call.