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Clear Lake Chamber Bass Tournament

Congrats to Mike Krnaich (BMX) and Brian Bailey on their win with 60.76 pounds of bass for 2 days. It was another slug feast with the top 11 teams all having over 50 pounds each for the 2 days. As you can see the fishing here is still great. Big swim baits and crank baits and lipless crank baits (Lucky Craft LV 500) seem to be the ticket at this time. If you want to get in on some of this awesome Spring time bass fishing at Clear Lake call me, Carl at Clear Lake Bass Guide to plan your trip of a life time. Of course as soon as Spring is over there’s top water season….


LVs for me

Lots of fisherman are saying they are catching fish on Alabama Rigs. For me the Lucky Craft LV 500 is still the best bet hands down. Today I fished for about 6 hours and spent the day throwing the A-Rig and the LV about the same amount of time. I caught 2 fish on the rig and 12 on the LV. Also caught a couple on a Senko. The bass were in water from 6 to 12 feet or 20 to 30 feet. Nothing from 12 to 20. Most of the fish were from 4 to 5 pounds with 2 that were close to 6 pounds. Well the bite is getting better everyday so if your ready to book your trip call me (the best guide on Clear Lake) and lets go get em.


Senkos, LVs, and Minnows

I fished yesterday afternoon and it was still pretty slow. I did manage to get 5 really good fish later in the day. Talked to several fisherman and everyone was having a tough time, even the minnow fisherman. I did see a few fish caught on minnows with a split shot rig. The fish I caught were on a Senko, two 5 pounders and a Lucky Craft LV 500 which caught another 5 plus a 6.5 and a 8.5 pound bass. The bad thing is both methods are painfully slow techniques. But if you are willing to slow way down with lures or drag a minnow around and you’re looking for a guide that can put you on the fish call me and lets set up a trip on Beautiful Clear Lake.


Cold North Wind

Fished the Anglers Choice Bass tournament on Clear Lake yesterday. Woke up to find wind coming out of the north but not too hard. By 9:00 it was howling and the 2 fish we had in the live well would be it for the day. One was a 7.5 pounder caught on a Lucky Craft LV 500 and the other was a 4 caught on the Alabama Rig. However that was good enough for 3rd place. The bite was tough for everybody. The team that won only had 5 bites all day. Thank you north wind! A couple more days and the weather will settle and the fish will start eating again. When it does, hang on. Just last week a local fisherman caught a 13 pounder. I think it’s your turn! Call me and let’s make it possible.


Early Season Bassin

Well the Ranger boat is back home and was in the water twice last week. First I went out by myself just to have some fun fishing. It took a while to find some fish but finally found a pattern that resulted in several bass in the 4 to 6 pound range. No big bass but still some good ones. The hot lure of the day was a Lucky Craft LV 500.