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Clear Lake is the Best Lake in the Country

That’s right, Clear Lake is the number one lake in the world right now!!! I have personally caught 8 fish over 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks with the best three weighing in at 11.54(in the Wild West Bass Trail tourney), 12 pounds 2 ounce, and 13 pounds 13 ounce. Also had a client last week catch a 10.2 pounder and 4 more over 8 pounds. These are not fish caught on minnow but lures. The better bass are being caught on lures with the bigger numbers of bass coming on minnows. I have also seen pictures of many many other bass over ten pounds in the last couple weeks. The best baits right now are rip baits, Lucky Craft LV500, A-rig, and swim baits. With the weather that’s coming this week the fish will be hitting the shores and spawning soon so if you are looking to get in on some of this prespawn fishing you better call ASAP!!! If bed fishing is your thing, then call me and let’s get a date set before my calendar fills.


Rising Water

The latest rains have brought Clear Lake up almost 3 feet from its lowest point. And it looks like we should get another 2+ inches before the end of the week. On top of that the fish are eating pretty good. Almost 26 pounds was needed in the American Bass tournament held here this weekend for the win. There were several bass over 6 pounds caught mostly on jigs in the Henderson area. Also some good fish have been caught on swimbaits, Lucky Craft Vl500s, and spoons. Fishing will be geting better and better as we near spring. It’s time for the big bass to start moving into the staging areas so they will be much eazier to catch. If you are like me and this rain is making you stir crazy, give me a call and let’s go fishing! Also don’t forget the ISE starts Thursday. You can find me at the Dobyns Rod booth on Saturday and Sunday.


The Jig Bite is on at Clear Lake

Had a great day on Clear Lake yesterday with Joao (John). We threw top water baits early but had no luck to speak of. After a couple hours we changed to lipless crank baits (Lucky Craft LV500) and started catching fish right away. We also caught fish on jigs and crank baits. We fished all day and never went more than 30 minutes without a fish. We ended up with 40+ fish with the biggest at just over 6 pounds but a lot of 4 to 5 pounders. Even though we didn’t get any giant bass, I have been catching a lot of bass from 6 to 8.5 pounds lately…And there was a 9.21 caught at our Wednesday Night Shootout this week on a deep crank bait. Summer is coming to an end soon so if you want some of this great action give me a call…


Clear Lake = Quality and Quantity

Clear Lake is kicking out both quality and quantity right now. Thirty fish days are the norm and bass from 5 to 8 pounds are regular. Yesterday I had 3 guys that had never bass fished before and each of them caught 6 or more fish up to 6.5 pounds. They caught fish on crank baits mostly as they are pretty easy to use for beginners. I have also been catching bass on jigs, brush hogs, chatter baits, and Lucky Craft LV 500 lipless crank baits. The night bite is good also and that a good way to beat the heat of Northern California. If you like fishing jigs or crank baits or if you want to learn to use LV 500 and chatter baits give me a call and let’s book your late summer trip!