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Clear Lake vs Lake Berryessa

Decision time…Do I go to Berryessa or do I stay here at Clear Lake? Yesterday was great at Lake Berryessa. We caught a lot of bass fishing down to 40 feet. They were eating jigs, drop shots, senkos, and Lucky Craft LV 500. The average size was about 5 pounds with one double digit fish. Extremely good day! Thursday here at Clear Lake we caught only 6 fish but they were good ones. 27+ pounds for the best five. Most of them were caught deep cranking. Looks like winter fishing is gearing up. Call me and let’s book your trip! Well I gotta go, I hear fish calling.


Rising water

Last week the bass moved up and were starting to make their beds but the weather this week has pushed them back out. This week we caught fish in the staging area again which is much easier  for most clients than bed fishing.  The baits that were most successful were Lucky Craft LV500s, trash fish swim baits, the A-Rig, rip baits, big swim baits, and of course live minnows.  The best news is that the lake has come up about 6 inches already and should rise a little more.  Once the weather stabilizes and it starts to warm up again the bass will be back on the shore and bed fishing will be the way to catch the big girls again.  So if you are looking to hit the shores of Clearlake in search of that giant bass call me and let’s get it done!


The A-Rig is back!

Today was kind of slow again but we did manage to catch about ten nice bass on the Lucky Craft LV 500 and the Alabama Rig. Our best 5 fish weighed about 31 pounds so it was a good day. Our best fish were caught on the A-Rig along with the best 5. The biggest fish was almost 8 pounds. As Phil would say, at the end of the day everybody was HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! So if you’re ready to catch some of these Clear Lake pigs, call the best guide on the lake and let’s set a date. 707-543-6677.


Minnows, LVs, and Alabama Rigs

I took one of my favorite clients fishing yesterday with a couple of his employees. It was a beautiful day and every one caught fish and had a great time. They caught several bass from 2.5 to 7 pounds. Most of the fish were caught on minnows but a few were caught on a Lucky Craft LV 500 which is a lipless crank bait. Also a couple of fish were caught on an Alabama Rig. The fishing is definitely get better so if you are ready to catch some of beautiful Clear Lake’s giant bass, give me a call.