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Christmas Bass at Clear Lake

Had a great Christmas on the lake yesterday. The bass were chewing! Probably caught 35 fish on lipless crank baits, swim baits, and A-rigs. No giants but a lot of 3 to 5 pounders. Also caught a couple on a shakey head worm. Most of the fish were in 8 to 15 feet. The days will be getting longer soon so plan your trip and give me a call so we can get your date on the books.


Reaction Bite at Clear Lake

I was out Tuesday and chose to try reaction baits most of the day. The bite was much slower with lures than with the live minnows a couple days earlier. I caught about a dozen bass on the lipless crank baits, A-Rigs, and swim baits. Also caught a couple on jigs. The Lucky Craft LV500 seemed to be my best bet that day. The forecast is calling for some rain this week which is badly need as Clear Lake is very low right now. Hopefully the rain will help the bite as well. We are having our annual New Years Day tournament again next week so if any of you are interested in fishing a fun tourney this is a great way to start the new year. Also it’s time to start planning for the up coming spring fishing season and getting you trip on the books so call as soon as possible to choose the dates that work for you before the calendar fills.


Hawgs(big bass) are Brawling at Clear Lake

I haven’t been out in the last two days but a couple of friends have sent me pictures of their catch and it looks like I missed a couple great days on the water. I saw pictures of a 43 pound 5 bass sack and a 38 pounds sack. Mean while I just got a German short hair pointer so I have been on puppy duty! Tomorrow I’m taking Remington(my pup) to Lake Berryessa to get ready for the 4th Berryessa Bass Trail tournament which is Sunday 2/21. The bite on Clear Lake is still good with Lucky Craft LV500 lipless crank baits, Pointer 128 rip baits, and A-Rig. Also some fish are starting to eat jigs and swimbaits. Next week the weather is going to be awesome again so if you are itching to get on some of the best bass of the year give me a call and let’s do it!


Clear Lake is Heating Up

American Bass Association (ABA) held it’s third tournament this weekend and the bite is really good for this time of the year. The winners had 29+ pounds and it took almost 25 pounds to get a check. There were two fish caught over 9 pounds and two more over 8. My partner and I had 23.45 pounds with no big fish, only 4.5 to 5 pounders. Most of the fish were caught on lipless crank baits and swim baits. We also caught a couple on chatters baits. I’ll be back out tomorrow looking for a giant bass! If you are ready for some great bass fishing now is the time to do it, especially with the weather that we are have for the next couple weeks! Give me a call and let’s go catch some big ones!


Minnows, LVs, and Alabama Rigs

I took one of my favorite clients fishing yesterday with a couple of his employees. It was a beautiful day and every one caught fish and had a great time. They caught several bass from 2.5 to 7 pounds. Most of the fish were caught on minnows but a few were caught on a Lucky Craft LV 500 which is a lipless crank bait. Also a couple of fish were caught on an Alabama Rig. The fishing is definitely get better so if you are ready to catch some of beautiful Clear Lake’s giant bass, give me a call.