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Home Sweet Clear Lake

It’s good to be back at Clear Lake catching big bass. I had a trip yesterday and the bite was great, despite not great weather! We had rain, snow, and high winds but caught lots of nice fish. The best one was a 8.2 pound bass, with a total of around 60 fish. Today I was at Lake Berryessa and it was good there too. Not quiet as big but really nice fish up to 4.5 pounds and we caught smallmouth, largemouth, and spotted bass. Lake Shatsta was awesome but it’s great to be home!


Full Lakes

The rains this year are doing wonders for NorCal lakes. Lake Berryessa is very likely to reach the Glory Hole this year as it is only 7 feet down now and rising fast. We got 3.5 inches of rain in Lake County last night and a lot of that water goes directly into Lake Berryessa. It has actually come up 2 feet in the last 24 hours and still rising. However the rising water and unstable weather are not helping the fishing. I fished there last weekend and caught fish on a spinner bait, the A-Rig, jigs and drop shot. The better fish were shallow but I caught bass down to 25 feet. The great thing about Berryessa is that there are Smallmouth, Largemouth, Spotted Bass, and Meanmouth Bass there so you can usually find something willing to eat! As far as Clear Lake goes, at this time there is a 5 mile per hour limit on boats because of flooding. That probably would have been lifted today but the rain last night has brought the lake back to 8.6 feet which is nearly at flood stage and she’s still rising. It could be a few weeks before that it lifted now. As soon as it is I will be out there looking for some Clear Lake Giants!!


Massive 16.3 Pound Bass

That’s right, yesterday a behemoth largemouth bass was caught out of Clear Lake that weighed 16.3 pounds! She was the largest bass I’ve heard of in the last few years but I know there are fish that are a lot bigger than her still swimming in Clear Lake and Lake Berryessa. The lake has almost reached the full mark and its still rising slowly so it should be full within the next couple days. Lake Berryessa has also come up some in the last couple days and is looking much better. It is actually about 5 feet down from the highest point last year and still rising so it should at least reach the mark. However it is still 32 feet from full so lots more rain is needed! As far as the fishing goes, I haven’t been on Lake Berryessa since this last rain started but it was good just before the storms rolled in. I was catching fish on top water lures in the main lake, jigs in the narrows and a few bed fish in the creeks. Clear Lake on the other hand is still fishing quite well even with this nasty weather. The water has gotten muddy in all the creeks so finding cleaner water is the key. I’ll be back out tomorrow looking to beat that 16 pounder and getting ready for a couple guide trips later this week. The best baits will be swim baits and glide baits but also jigs in the old tules will be key for the next few weeks. I still have a few days open this week so if you would like a chance at the years biggest bass call me and let’s book your day!


Two Ten Pound Bass in One Week

I guess it’s safe to say the fishing is great at Clear Lake now. I had three trips this week that were awesome. Saturday Angela caught a 10 pound largemouth bass and then Thursday Mark caught a 10 pound pig. Both fish were caught on minnows but Mark also caught fish on the A rig, jigs, Senkos, rip baits, and big swim baits. Beside these two giants, a lot more fish were caught up 7.5 pounds. Wednesday I had Ramon and Manny with me again, but the east wind blew extremely hard making it really tough to find a place calm enough to fish. They did manage to catch about ten bass up to 5 pounds, just no big ones. Well if you are ready for some of the best bass fishing on the planet give me a call and let’s book your guide trip ASAP!


Lake Berryessa

Well after three wins in a row on Lake Berryessa in Anglers Choice tournaments I have decided to add this beautiful lake to my guiding area. While Clear Lake is my home lake and preferred lake to fish and guide, Lake Berryessa is also a very fun lake to fish. The great thing about this lake is that you can catch largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass all in the same day. Also there is always a good chance to see a bald eagle or a golden eagle on any trip to Lake Berryessa. So if you are looking for a guide for Clear Lake or Lake Berryessa give me a call and lets set up a trip soon as the calendar is beginning to fill up.