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Fish or Watch the Olympics

Well yesterday the wind blew really hard so I did catch up on the olypics somewhat. Today I’m back in my Ranger boat getting ready to hit Lake Berryessa. The cold front and wind will affect the bass there less than the shallow fish at Clear Lake. Friday I’ll be headed back to Lake Shasta for the Wild West Bass Trail team tournament this weekend. All 3 lakes are fishing really good right now so if you’re ready for the years biggest bass, hit me up!


Bass Biting at Clear Lake

The Minn Kota Ultrex is mounted and it is awesome! I got to go out on Clear Lake a couple times over the last few days and while the bite isn’t great, it is much better than it has been. Each day we caught at least 15 bass with a big fish over 7 pounds each day. Lake Berryessa is also turning on. My partner and I caught around 25 bass in a tournament there weekend before last with the best 5 weighing almost 18 pounds. Februray can be a great month at both lakes so if you want some great prespawn fishing it’s time to book your trip!


Full Lakes

The rains this year are doing wonders for NorCal lakes. Lake Berryessa is very likely to reach the Glory Hole this year as it is only 7 feet down now and rising fast. We got 3.5 inches of rain in Lake County last night and a lot of that water goes directly into Lake Berryessa. It has actually come up 2 feet in the last 24 hours and still rising. However the rising water and unstable weather are not helping the fishing. I fished there last weekend and caught fish on a spinner bait, the A-Rig, jigs and drop shot. The better fish were shallow but I caught bass down to 25 feet. The great thing about Berryessa is that there are Smallmouth, Largemouth, Spotted Bass, and Meanmouth Bass there so you can usually find something willing to eat! As far as Clear Lake goes, at this time there is a 5 mile per hour limit on boats because of flooding. That probably would have been lifted today but the rain last night has brought the lake back to 8.6 feet which is nearly at flood stage and she’s still rising. It could be a few weeks before that it lifted now. As soon as it is I will be out there looking for some Clear Lake Giants!!


Bed Fishing 101

If you like bed fishing now is the time to head to Clear Lake or Lake Berryessa. Both lakes are on the verge of exploding with bed fish. This past weekend my partner and I won an Anglers Choice tournament at Lake Berryessa and all our fish were on beds. The wind was blowing really hard but we found some protected water and there were lots of bass still on beds in the area. If you’ve never bed fished before or don’t know how, call me and I’ll put you on some of the best bed fishing of the year.