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Hawg Heaven

The last couple weeks have been incredible for me! The fishing at Clear Lake has been phenomenal for me and my clients. We have had multiple days with 30 plus pounds of bass and one day with 41.6 pounds. Each day saw more than 20 fish being caught. Not only bass but the crappie are chewing as well. We haven’t seen the huge 3 to 5 pound crappie that Clear Lake is know for but 50 to 100 per day is not uncommon with fish to 2 pounds. As for Lake Berryessa the bass are eat there as well. 18 to 25 pound limits are the norm and I have had several bass over 5 pounds there. Back to Clear Lake, ABA held its 4th tournament of the season here yesterday and my partner and I won with 36.42 pounds backed up with a 10.52 kicker that was caught on a swimbait and the rest were caught on rip baits and lipless crank baits. It looks like the weather is going to change next week so the fishing may change a little but we need the water in both Clear Lake and Lake Berryessa so…bring on the rain!