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Berryessa Bass Trail Tournament

Saturday was the BBT tournament at Clear Lake and there were 4 teams that caught over 30 pounds for 5 fish. I had a guide trip that day and wanted to fish down south but with a 130 team tournament going out of Redbud Park I choose to go north. We had a pretty good day catching around 30 Bass and a few crappie. Then yesterday I fished the Berryessa Bass Trail tournament with less boat and stayed down south with much better results. I caught the tournament big Bass which was 9.33 pounds and we had 27.5 pounds for 5. Our Fish were caught on crank baits, lipless cranks, chatter baits, and worms. The off limits for the up coming New Jen tournament have been lifted so that opens up several days in my calendar over the next couple weeks if anyone wants to fish while the fishing is hot! Hit me up!


Clear Lake is Up and Down

We had our annual New Years Day Tournament on Friday and it was a tough bite for us of the field. There was a great turn out this year as we had 35 teams competing. My partner and I could only get 4 fish to bite and their weigh was 16.06. We ended up in 6 place with only 4 fish. Another 4 pounder and we would have placed 3rd. But that’s fishing! Our fish were all caught on the A-Rig. The winning team had 24 pounds and caught their bass on a Lucky Craft LV500. Other teams reported catching their fish on jigs, crank baits, and drop shots. Jeff and I went back out yesterday and the bite was completely different. We fished the same areas and caught around 15 fish up to 7 pounds. What a difference a day makes! Anyway we are expecting rain for the next couple days so that should help the bite. The minnow bite is still going strong so if your looking to hit the lake anytime soon be prepared to be flexible. If you’re looking for a guide give me a call and we’ll set up a trip for you.


The Bass Factory is Still in Production

Yesterday Chris and I fished for about 6 hours and the bite started out slow. The wind was blowing about 20 mph out of the west and it was cold. We fished the Rattlesnake arm for a while and caught a few good bass but had to work for them. By mid day we moved to mid lake and north. The wind started to lay and the bite picked up. By the end of the day we had probably 25 fish with the best 5 hitting close to 28 pounds if not more. The best bass was just under 7 pounds. Fun days with more to come. If you’re thinking about the trip of a life time on Clear Lake call me and let’s get you booked!


Cold Front Blues

This time of the year fishing can go from 0 to 100 over night…or vise versa! This week for example I caught 2 fish on Monday. Then on Tuesday with a client we caught 30 plus bass up to 5.5 pounds followed by a 1 fish day on Wednesday. All three days we fished the same areas of the lake. This was on Clear Lake where we have shallow water with largemouth bass. Lake Berryessa on the other hand has much deeper water with largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass and the fish aren’t as affected by the cold weather. Both lakes are on the verge of pre spawn so the fish are in the areas that lead to spawning areas. With all that being said this is the time of the year to catch a true giant so if your will to take a chance with the weather give me a call and let’s get you a trophy bass!


The Jig Bite is on at Clear Lake

Had a great day on Clear Lake yesterday with Joao (John). We threw top water baits early but had no luck to speak of. After a couple hours we changed to lipless crank baits (Lucky Craft LV500) and started catching fish right away. We also caught fish on jigs and crank baits. We fished all day and never went more than 30 minutes without a fish. We ended up with 40+ fish with the biggest at just over 6 pounds but a lot of 4 to 5 pounders. Even though we didn’t get any giant bass, I have been catching a lot of bass from 6 to 8.5 pounds lately…And there was a 9.21 caught at our Wednesday Night Shootout this week on a deep crank bait. Summer is coming to an end soon so if you want some of this great action give me a call…


LVs for me

Lots of fisherman are saying they are catching fish on Alabama Rigs. For me the Lucky Craft LV 500 is still the best bet hands down. Today I fished for about 6 hours and spent the day throwing the A-Rig and the LV about the same amount of time. I caught 2 fish on the rig and 12 on the LV. Also caught a couple on a Senko. The bass were in water from 6 to 12 feet or 20 to 30 feet. Nothing from 12 to 20. Most of the fish were from 4 to 5 pounds with 2 that were close to 6 pounds. Well the bite is getting better everyday so if your ready to book your trip call me (the best guide on Clear Lake) and lets go get em.