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April Brings Crazy Weather to Clear Lake

While the fishing was incredible in March, April was completely different at Clearlake. The weather has the fish so messed up that they have backed off and are hard to figure out. The bass were ready to move to the bank and start the spawning process but cold front after cold front with high winds dropped the water temp and left the fish confused. Now the forecast is calling for stable, warm weather coming soon so the fish will move up and do their thing next week. If you like looking at big bass and catching them give me a call and let’s get you booked ASAP. As far Lake Berryessa the fishing there is really good right now. The water is clearing up so you can see the fish that are on the beds and they are aggressive. Put a drop shot in front of them and hang on!


Full Lakes

The rains this year are doing wonders for NorCal lakes. Lake Berryessa is very likely to reach the Glory Hole this year as it is only 7 feet down now and rising fast. We got 3.5 inches of rain in Lake County last night and a lot of that water goes directly into Lake Berryessa. It has actually come up 2 feet in the last 24 hours and still rising. However the rising water and unstable weather are not helping the fishing. I fished there last weekend and caught fish on a spinner bait, the A-Rig, jigs and drop shot. The better fish were shallow but I caught bass down to 25 feet. The great thing about Berryessa is that there are Smallmouth, Largemouth, Spotted Bass, and Meanmouth Bass there so you can usually find something willing to eat! As far as Clear Lake goes, at this time there is a 5 mile per hour limit on boats because of flooding. That probably would have been lifted today but the rain last night has brought the lake back to 8.6 feet which is nearly at flood stage and she’s still rising. It could be a few weeks before that it lifted now. As soon as it is I will be out there looking for some Clear Lake Giants!!


Lake County is on Fire

This time it’s not Clear Lake it’s Lake County. The fires here have caused complete devastion. Thousands of people have been evcuated and many, many have lost their homes. I personally have been evcuated from my home since Saturday and have no idea when I’ll be able to return. And to top it off the fishing is really good right now. I was looking forward to the upcoming FLW tournament and the Triton owners tourney which have or probably will be canceled or rescheduled. The bass are really eating good right now. You can catch fish on jigs, crank baits, swim baits, and drop shots. I should be able to get in and get my boat in the next few days then I’ll be able get back on the water. If you want to join me in one of these exciting fish catching outings now is the time to call!


Big Bass are Moving Shallow

The nice weather is warming the water and the bass are starting to move to the shore. Clear Lake is 2 feet higher than last year and there will be some good spawning areas this year that were dry last year. This week I had 2 guide trips and both were awesome. Both trips had fish caught up to 7 pounds plus a 16 pound catfish and. 2.8 pound crappie. We caught fish on Lucky Craft LV500, Jackel Squadminnow, Senkos, drop shot, swim baits and minnows. I got a chance to go out alone once and caught a 9.1, a 8 and a 6.5 pound bass. Two were caught on glide baits and one came on a Senko. Now is the time to call and schedule your trip while there are still a few days left this spring.


Clear Lake vs Lake Berryessa

Decision time…Do I go to Berryessa or do I stay here at Clear Lake? Yesterday was great at Lake Berryessa. We caught a lot of bass fishing down to 40 feet. They were eating jigs, drop shots, senkos, and Lucky Craft LV 500. The average size was about 5 pounds with one double digit fish. Extremely good day! Thursday here at Clear Lake we caught only 6 fish but they were good ones. 27+ pounds for the best five. Most of them were caught deep cranking. Looks like winter fishing is gearing up. Call me and let’s book your trip! Well I gotta go, I hear fish calling.


Winter Preparation

Well now is the time to start getting ready for the upcoming fishing season. I have my boat in the shop getting it’s annual tune-up. The lake has gotten really cold so the bite has been slow. However you can still catch bass with a drop shot rig and jigs fished slow. There are also a few fish being caught on swimbaits. Minnows, of course, is the way to go if you just want to catch lots of fish. If you are thinking about take a trip to Clear Lake this year now is the time to make plans. So call early and get the dates you want to fish before the best dates are taken.