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LVs for me

Lots of fisherman are saying they are catching fish on Alabama Rigs. For me the Lucky Craft LV 500 is still the best bet hands down. Today I fished for about 6 hours and spent the day throwing the A-Rig and the LV about the same amount of time. I caught 2 fish on the rig and 12 on the LV. Also caught a couple on a Senko. The bass were in water from 6 to 12 feet or 20 to 30 feet. Nothing from 12 to 20. Most of the fish were from 4 to 5 pounds with 2 that were close to 6 pounds. Well the bite is getting better everyday so if your ready to book your trip call me (the best guide on Clear Lake) and lets go get em.


SEPTEMBER! September, September, September…..

Wow! Can you believe September is here? That means it’s time to run and gun. Fish are here today and gone tomorrow. So you have to bring everything you have to try to find the right pattern. But when you do, hang on because it can be great. With that being said, if you’re ready for a challenge call me and I’ll fill up the fuel tanks and we’ll run around until we find em! Then bag some Bass.


Future Pro Tournament / 8/13 – 8/14

Well I have been on vacation for the last couple of weeks, but I am home now and ready to get back on the water.  Over the weekend FPT held their tournament on Clear Lake and there were some really great limits brought to the scales.  The winners were locals of Lake county with an impressive 46+ pounds of bass for 2 days.  The whole tournament was great but there were some fish that were caught deep and needed to be deflated.  If you are fishing deep PLEASE check your fish and if they can’t upright themselves use your needle (deflating tool) to deflate them.  If you don’t have a needle every tackle shop on the lake has them and we gladly show how to use them.  Most importantly have a great time, catch a lot of fish, and release them ALIVE.