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April Brings Crazy Weather to Clear Lake

While the fishing was incredible in March, April was completely different at Clearlake. The weather has the fish so messed up that they have backed off and are hard to figure out. The bass were ready to move to the bank and start the spawning process but cold front after cold front with high winds dropped the water temp and left the fish confused. Now the forecast is calling for stable, warm weather coming soon so the fish will move up and do their thing next week. If you like looking at big bass and catching them give me a call and let’s get you booked ASAP. As far Lake Berryessa the fishing there is really good right now. The water is clearing up so you can see the fish that are on the beds and they are aggressive. Put a drop shot in front of them and hang on!


Clear Lake is Filling Up

Clear Lake is currently at 6.35 which is about one foot from the full mark. The bad thing is they are starting to open the dam and let water out in order to prevent flooding. I think it is a little too soon as the lake has only come up about 5 feet all year and flood stage is at 9.5 feet. We are a long way from that mark at this point! Hopefully they won’t dump too much water. As far as the fishing goes, before the rains started the fishing had been really awesome but the water was getting supper clear which makes the fishing tough. The rains not only bring the lake level up but also stain the water so as soon as the rains slow down the fishing should be nothing short of great. Not only is the bass fishing good, so is the crappie fishing. The best way to catch these tasty fish is with small jigs or minnows. For the bass it’s time to start throwing swim baits over the grass flats. They can be caught with anything from Little Creepers Trash Fish to 12 inch Osprey swim baits and River2Sea S-Waver to 14 inch glide baits. While Clear Lake is nearly full and should be above the full mark by the time this rain is over, Lake Berryessa is still severely low. Only a few of the lake’s boat ramps are currently open dew to the low water level there. The fishing there is still good though with a few small mouth and large mouth moving up on their beds just before the rain started. Well if this weather is making you stir crazy, give me a call and let me guide you to some of the years best fishing!


Bed Fishing 101

If you like bed fishing now is the time to head to Clear Lake or Lake Berryessa. Both lakes are on the verge of exploding with bed fish. This past weekend my partner and I won an Anglers Choice tournament at Lake Berryessa and all our fish were on beds. The wind was blowing really hard but we found some protected water and there were lots of bass still on beds in the area. If you’ve never bed fished before or don’t know how, call me and I’ll put you on some of the best bed fishing of the year.


Spawning Bass

Well if you like sight fishing there are still bass on beds at Clear Lake. Most of the bass have spawned and moved off the beds but you can still catch a good limit sight fishing. If you don’t like taking fish off their beds there are plenty of post spawn fish now. Senkos fished around docks are a good bet for these fish. Also the rising water temperature has the bass starting to eat top water baits. Coming soon…FROG season! Catching big bass on frogs that is. But if bed fishing is your thing you better head up soon or you’ll miss out!