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Clear Lake is the Best Lake in the Country

That’s right, Clear Lake is the number one lake in the world right now!!! I have personally caught 8 fish over 10 pounds in the last 3 weeks with the best three weighing in at 11.54(in the Wild West Bass Trail tourney), 12 pounds 2 ounce, and 13 pounds 13 ounce. Also had a client last week catch a 10.2 pounder and 4 more over 8 pounds. These are not fish caught on minnow but lures. The better bass are being caught on lures with the bigger numbers of bass coming on minnows. I have also seen pictures of many many other bass over ten pounds in the last couple weeks. The best baits right now are rip baits, Lucky Craft LV500, A-rig, and swim baits. With the weather that’s coming this week the fish will be hitting the shores and spawning soon so if you are looking to get in on some of this prespawn fishing you better call ASAP!!! If bed fishing is your thing, then call me and let’s get a date set before my calendar fills.


Lake Shasta Here We Come

Time to leave Clear Lake again as bad as I hate to. The fishing here is getting better everyday and I’m going to Lake Shasta to fish the Wild West Bass Trail…the first pro-am of the California region. They still need observers so if any one is interested in a good way to learn the lake this is the best opportunity ever! No cost to the observer! Plus you get to fish. I’ll be back at Clear Lake next week looking for some of the big bass that are starting to stage in the prespawn areas. It’s time to start throwing the big baits for these fish and I can’t wait. Also Lake Berryessa is starting to turn on so I’ll be there a couple days also. Well my calendar is starting to fill up so if you are looking to book a trip this spring give me a call ASAP!


Lake Berryessa Reapers Tournament

The last few days I have focused on Lake Berryessa preparing for the Reapers tournament. We found bass on the east shore that were eating top water baits really good in practice but the night before tournament day the temperature dropped so our top water bite died completely. We changed gears and caught 19 pounds on drop shots and Senkos. We also found one big fish on a bed but she wasn’t locked up and just wouldn’t eat for us. Now it’s time to focus on Clear Lake again. The weather this week is going to be HOT, so the fishing is going to change here. Time to get out the top water baits, frogs, spooks, poppers, punkers, and wake baits. If that’s your thing give me a call and lets go catch some of these post spawn hogs!