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Lake Shasta vs Clear Lake

After a week at Lake Shasta fishing the NewJen Pro/Am it’s great to be home at the Bass Factory! Lake Shasta was fun, catching 100 plus bass a day but nothing over 2 pounds. Yesterday I was out on Clear Lake and it was great. We caught around 60 fish with the best 5 hitting close to 35 pounds. We could break the 8 pound mark but there were 3 over 7. Several more that cracked 6 pounds. Several of the Bass were caught on swim bait while most of came on crank bait and lipless crank baits. At one point the wind died down completely and we had to catch them with worms on a shakey head Frenzy Nail. The fishing on Clear Lake is getting better each week so if your ready for some fun hit me up at 707-543-6677!


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