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Rain at the Bass Factory

Saturday was the New Jenn tournament at Clear Lake and the results were pretty amazing. My partner and I had 21.85 pounds with a 6.58 pound kicker and ended up in 13th place out of 78 teams. The winners had almost 33 pounds and the big fish of the tournament was just over 11 pounds. That’s on a cold day in January! Where else can this happen? Now we have rain coming down and more in the forecast for the next few days. The lake level is really low right now so this is much needed. After the weather settles the Bass should get even more active as it’s time for them to start staging for Spring. So if you’re ready for some of the years best fishing give me a call and let’s set up your trip of a life time on the best big bass producing lake in the country! 707-543-6677.


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