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Two Ten Pound Bass in One Week

I guess it’s safe to say the fishing is great at Clear Lake now. I had three trips this week that were awesome. Saturday Angela caught a 10 pound largemouth bass and then Thursday Mark caught a 10 pound pig. Both fish were caught on minnows but Mark also caught fish on the A rig, jigs, Senkos, rip baits, and big swim baits. Beside these two giants, a lot more fish were caught up 7.5 pounds. Wednesday I had Ramon and Manny with me again, but the east wind blew extremely hard making it really tough to find a place calm enough to fish. They did manage to catch about ten bass up to 5 pounds, just no big ones. Well if you are ready for some of the best bass fishing on the planet give me a call and let’s book your guide trip ASAP!


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