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Big Baits and Bed Fishing

I had a couple of my oldest clients with me last week and they brought along a friend, Jim for his first trip on Clearlake. They all caught lots of fish. The best bass of the day fell to Brad and weighed in at 6.7 pounds. This was his personal best. Jim also caught his personal best that weighed just over 5 pounds. We caught fish on jigs, Senkos, big swimbaits, and the A-rig, however most of the fish fell for live minnows. Now it’s time to get ready for the Chamber tournament where I expect to find big bass eating big swimbaits. I will also be looking for fish on beds as the water is warming up so the fish should be moving up to the shore. So if you are interested in catching your personal best bass and throwing big swimbaits and bed fishing is your thing, give me a call and lets book your trip.


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