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The Bass Fishing on Clear Lake is on Fire

Well not literally but the fishing was great last weekend.  The American Bass Ass. Tournament had two teams with over 39 pounds for five bass.  With 40 boats it took 32 plus pounds to get a check.  The big fish of the tournament was 10.7 pounds and was caught on the Alabama Rig along with another 6 plus  pounder on the same cast.  That’s 17 pounds, two fish, one cast!  However the winners said crank baits fished deep was the ticket for them.

Saturday there was an Anglers Choice tournament which had a winning weight of over 34 pounds and it took 32 pounds to get a check here also.  So I’d say Clear Lake is ON FIRE!

Personally I have been catching a lot of 4 to 5 pound fish with a few 6 to 8 pounders, but not 40 pounds for my best five in one day.

Anyway if you are ready for some of this awesome fishing give your favorite guide (that’s me) a call and let me put you on some great bass action.


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